The Big Picture. B1 Pre-Intermediate Student's Book

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CEFR levels: A1 – C1 The Big Picture reflects the key issues in the world today which are immediately relevant to the learners’ worlds and experiences with striking real world images. These images provide a fresh, contemporary look and are at the c entre of tasks, encouraging learners to work with and interpret them. Carefully structured discussion tasks encourage personalization, localization, and critical thinking, and complete functional language lessons develop conversation strategies and a re applied to students’ immediate world experience. Key Features Up-to-date, real-life, relevant contexts ground tasks and content in students’ own world, allowing them to personalize and localize material. Language focus on real, useful language and high-frequency expressions, and are text, topic, and context driven. Functional Language and Final Task sections bring together the smaller pieces to help students see “the big picture” via practical, real-life tasks. A strong, systematic vocabulary building strand focuses on both lexical fields and vocabulary systems. Notice boxes draw attention to generative patterns and the living/changing nature of language. Avoidance/challenging of stereotypes – intercultural awareness foregrounded, e.g. inclusion of situations where no native speakers are present (as models for tasks). A move away from traditional UK and USA settings to more global contexts.



    ISBN: 9788466820776

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